Small Business, Big Heart

November 25, 2023

For Thanksgiving, we wanted to share the inspiring, big-hearted story of Gail and Atoiya.

Several years ago, when Atoiya (right) was a high school student she came to Amour to be fitted for a new bra. We measured her and found an everyday bra that fit her perfectly. However, she didn't have quite enough money that day to make the purchase. She was going to save up and come back. I took her name and number, put the bra in the back, and said we'd see her soon.

After she left, Gail, who was browsing nearby, inquired, "Did she not have enough money to buy her bra?" I confirmed that we were going to hold the bra while she saved up. Gail asked, "Would it be weird if I bought her bra for her?"

I assured her it would not be weird. In fact, it would be so generous and big-hearted that it made me tear up a little. When I called to let Atoiya know, she was speechless that a stranger had bought her bra for her. When she came to pick it up, she asked to write a thank you note for us to pass on to Gail.

Recently, Atoiya, now a young professional, came back to refresh her bra wardrobe. She asked if we knew of someone who needed a bra who couldn't afford it. Atoiya mentioned the story and the bra Gail had purchased for her years ago. She wanted to pay it forward. This summer, we invited Gail and Atoiya to Amour to meet each other in person. They hit it off.

Stories like this are the hallmark of small business and the people who frequent them (that's you!). Thanks for being part of our community. We give thanks for you!